Working in a laboratory

The Laboratory environment is quite different from regular Office work. Laboratories have a strict code of conduct and one has to be very particular and observe every microscopic detail. However, the work is interesting, and with the growing need for health care and pathology, it seems to have good career growth opportunities. Here are a few things to be aware of when opting to be a laboratory technician:
  • Laboratories require employees to follow strict procedures and wear protective gear at all times, to ensure that samples are not contaminated and that employees themselves are not at risk.

  • The accuracy of test results depends on the precision and methodology used in collecting, storing and processing samples. Hence laboratory work requires a personality that understands and accepts the importance of observing rules and procedures paying attention to every detail on the job.

  • A Medical Laboratory Technician works with microscopes, test tubes, automated and electronic test equipment and a wide range of chemicals and reagents. Today, Test Results are recorded in a computerized form, so B.Sc. MLTs need to be computer literate as well.

  • B.Sc. MLTs are also required to have the knowledge to interpret data from test results, write reports and discuss the same with doctors when necessary.